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To upgrade to WordPress 2.9, you must also upgrade your MySQL 4.0 database to a newer version.

This process may take a few hours due to the length of time databases take to backup, set up, and restore. Let's get started in your Hosting Control Center.

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Field & Stream online has a step-by-step for creating your very own Altoids tin survival kit, complete with all the gear you'd need to survive in the wild (well, maybe not you, but someone who doesn't cry if they don't hear the Windows/Mac boot-up music every morning).

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Mark 1:12-13 / The Temptation of Jesus / Pastor Tyler Jones / June 7, 2009

Mark 1:21-28 / The Unclean Spirit / Pastor Tyler Jones / June 14, 2009

Mark 1:40-45 / Jesus Heals a Leper / Pastor Tyler Jones / June 21, 2009

Mark 2:1-12 / Jesus Heals the Paralytic / Pastor Taylor Roberts / June 28, 2009

Mark 2:1-12 / Jesus Heals the Paralytic / Pastor Will Plitt / June 28, 2009

Mark 2:13-17 / The Calling of Levi / Pastor Taylor Roberts / July 5, 2009

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In theaters soon, in your Netflix queue now.

Add any of these theatrical movies to your Netflix queue with a single click. Once released to DVD, they will be on the way.

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I had to work intensively with Adobe Premiere Elements 6 last weekend. It became a horrible experience since it crashed often.

Obviously, I had to find an immediate solution. After a lot of google, more gray hair and frustration, I found the bug: Microsoft's Visual C++ runtime is pure fertilizer and must be updated.

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Michael Morris and Jeff Lowenstein wouldn't have recognized each other if they'd met on the street, but that didn't stop them from getting into a shouting match. The professors had been working together on a research study when a technical glitch inconvenienced Mr. Lowenstein. He complained in an e-mail, raising Mr. Morris's ire. Tempers flared.

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tiny houses

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