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Links 1 through 1 of 1 by Latoya Peterson tagged teenmicrophoneracism

"For the second time in as many months another, presumably white, teenager in New Jersey walked up to a store’s courtesy desk, grabbed a microphone, and told all the black people to both cases, much was made of the fact that these were individual acts of racism: “Whole Foods Market has a zero-tolerance policy regarding all matters of prejudice and continues to work with local law enforcement on this issue,” said Whole Foods spokesman Michael Sinatra, in an interview with the Record. Of course, this superficial discussion of individual acts of racism takes away from what could be something useful, like Wal-Mart’s shady treatment of black and low-income workers, or the fact that many Black folks don’t have access to quality, affordable produce. Consider the mostly low-income Black and Latino flatlands areas of East Oakland, there’s only one grocery store for every 93,126 residents. So sure, sometimes words hurt. But so does diabetes. Pick your battle."

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