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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Latoya Peterson tagged newzealand

"The American makers of Maori King beer have been lauded for changing the name of their ale after an outcry last week.

"Gordon Schuck said that after receiving many emails and letters about the name, it was a simple decision to change because of the offence caused to Maori people.

"'I want our brand to be known for making great beer. I don't want it to be know for creating controversy and stuff like that.'"

"'We definitely listened to the people.'"

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"The Ngati Toa tribe, which hails from the southern tip of New Zealand’s North Island, is locked in talks with the New Zealand Rugby Union, the sport’s governing body. The tribe is trying to trademark phrases that form part of the song that the rugby players chant when performing the dance, known as the Haka. If the tribe is successful, the Haka as it is known today could disappear from the warm-up of New Zealand’s famous rugby team for the first time in more than a century."

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"Jacinta Lal, 21, was today at the centre of a huge row after she was accused of not looking Indian enough.
"The blue-eyed blonde, whose father is Fijian-Indian and mother a New Zealander, was booed by spectators when she won the Wellington leg of the MissIndiaNZ contest."

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"Paul Henry, a presenter on TVNZ's Breakfast show, made the comment on Monday when he was asking Prime Minister John Key who he was going to choose to replace outgoing governor-general, Sir Anand Satyanand - who was born and raised in NZ by Fijian Indian parents.
"'Is he even a New Zealander?' Henry asked Mr Key, who replied that every governor general since Sir Arthur Porritt, who was appointed in 1967, had been born in NZ."

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