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Links 1 through 2 of 2 by Latoya Peterson tagged jobtraining

"Near the beginning of the piece, Marantz quotes a 2003 Guardian article which states: 'The most marketable skill in India today is the ability to abandon your identity and slip into someone else's.' It's factually correct that this is a marketable skill, but by labeling it the most marketable skill the article is overreaching. It also fails to make a distinction that few Indians overlook. Namely, that there's very little money that a middle class urban Indian can earn by slipping into the identity of, say, a villager in Orissa, or a farmer in rural Nigeria. The marketable skill is the ability to slip into an affluent Westerner's identity.

"By itself, this is a small omission and overgeneralization, but there are similar ones throughout this article, forming a pattern indicative of a lack of awareness or concern for the underlying hierarchies that govern many aspects of a call center employee's life, as well as a lack of nuance."

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"As a former inmate, he really does know the issues from the inside. He served 14 years of a 40-year jail sentence handed down for extortion and kidnapping.

"But now he runs an organisation that teaches prisoners how to use computers and the internet, reflecting a particularly Brazilian obsession.

"But Ronaldo can now reel off a list of former prisoners who have become computer experts and got good jobs."

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