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Links 1 through 1 of 1 by Latoya Peterson tagged catcalling

"And then there are days I’m reminded of that day on the sidewalk, over seven years ago, and out of fear for my safety, I don’t snap back, I don’t just smile, but I engage in small talk. I don’t dare tell him I’m queer because that can either lead to threesome requests or homophobic slurs. No. Instead, I let out a girlish giggle and say that I’m taken, hoping that will be enough for him to leave. Me. Alone.

But why? Why should we women ever feel like we don’t have a choice? Why should a catcall—a compliment that goes fatally wrong, that gets injected with objectification and degradation and vilified by overtly sexual innuendos—evoke fear? Studies even show the experience of street harassment has a direct impact on women’s preoccupation with physical appearance and body shame, and an indirect relationship with heightened fears of rape."

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