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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Latoya Peterson tagged castesystem

"“Aarakshan” – a word that in Hindi means reservation, or quota – is the first major Bollywood film to take on the bitterly opposed move to expand India’s existing affirmative action program. Mr. Jha said he wanted to point out inconsistencies even in the attitudes of people who might think of themselves as having moved beyond the issue of caste. As in the U.S., with racial affirmative action, many Indians couch opposition to 'reservations' in terms of merit--with Indian students echoing white applicants to colleges who complain of being passed over for minority applicants they see as less deserving for having poorer grades.

"Mr. Jha said he hears people say things like, ‘Would you go to a doctor who has come on a reserved quota?’”

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"But the Insight Foundation believes that a disproportionate number of the students committing suicides are Dalits, and its members allege that caste discrimination, a dirty secret, is ubiquitous at India's top universities — even as the government works to expand access to higher education with quotas, or reservations, for historically oppressed groups."

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"Misal embodies the type of person who will truly transform India: not an engineer or a financier, but an average person who refuses to be satisfied with the status he was born to. Umred rioted because its people had somehow acquired the courage of their own dissatisfaction. But what kind of India will they build?"

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"Earlier, when the thekedar in the flesh had met Vijay at his village, they had had a friendly cup of tea. The thekedar had paid for the tea from his own pocket. 'The thekedar told me there'd be quarters or something,' Vijay said without conviction. He was not accusing the thekedar of anything. He was merely observing without rancour that he had been arsed, again. 

"This is despite the fact that labour legislation - for instance, the Interstate Migrant Workmen's Act, 1979 - says migrant workers should be taken care of in terms of quarters and medical facilities. But, then, the labour laws also stipulate that unskilled workers like Vijay should be paid Rs 203 for eight hours' work, and that one day in a week should be given off." 

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