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Links 1 through 2 of 2 by Latoya Peterson tagged beyonce

"On one level, you might say this altering of appearance is just women enjoying themselves — selecting different colours, shapes and styles to become what they want. But there is more too it than that; precisely because they never make themselves look darker."

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"Ellis cites the election of Barack Obama and Beyonce singing at the inauguration ceremony as another reason why people who follow Beyonce may be under the impression that racism is no more.

"Although Cashmore acknowledges that Beyonce may be seen as a symbol of the change in people’s thinking’s regarding racism, he states that it is a bit misleading because the USA is still “mired in its past.”

"African-American’s performing poorly in schools, poor living conditions and the amount of African-American’s behind bars in jail are some of the reason’s Ellis lists as to why Beyonce’s success may sell the belief that racism is over, but it is seldom bought."

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