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Links 1 through 2 of 2 by Latoya Peterson tagged academics

"Well, one thing is for sure: Something personal is definitely going on between members of the black academic elite, and what has been private is now being played out for the public. The War of the Roses has nothing on this beef.

"Interestingly enough, most of the focus of West's comments has been on his racial critique of the president, with little attention paid to his policy critique. Now the focus has shifted from the personal attacks on President Obama to the personal attacks among colleagues."

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"Out of the 156 students who started school in 2006, 117 are graduating today and 30 transferred away, which leaves only nine students who dropped out. That's better than the national graduation rate of 67% (for economically-challenged West Philadelphia, where most of the students are from, it's a bit lower). But there's a still more impressive stat: Of the 117 who are graduating today, all have college plans, whether it's two-year technical school or a four-year state school. "In an urban education setting this is really unheard of," says Cullinane. "Not just in Philly but across the country."

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