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Links 1 through 10 of 342 Zee Emm's Bookmarks

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<p>Indians faced numerous challenges to their survival as a people on their own lands in the eighteenth century. The French and British vied for control of the continent at mid-century while the American colonists continued to look to the interior for lands to expand their settlements. After the British victory in the Seven Years' War, Indian peoples found their diplomatic options more circumscribed. As North American colonists, eager for land, began to spill over the Appalachian Mountains in the 1750s, British concern and Indian anger over the expansion increased. The Royal proclamation of 1763 attempted to restrict that expansion and alienated many American colonists.</p>


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Maps out how far you can travel in a certain amount of time.

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Speech given to the six confederate nations of Indians by the Continental Congress. Expresses the reasons for their convening, situation of the colonies' civil constitution, and their disposition towards "you our Indian brothers of the Six Nations"

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<li>bitch hog</li>






<li>ignorant slut</li>

<li>Gurptastic Waddlebrains</li>



<li>Bubble nose (?)</li>



<li>Cuntaroon/ Derparoon</li>

<li>Shit diggler</li>

<li>Cock strummer</li>

<li>Wang dingler</li>

<li>Ass blaster</li>

<li>Boner fart</li>

<li>Goat fondler</li>

<li>Turd herder</li>

<li>Clown Gargler</li>

<li>Queef Burger</li>

<li>Diaper Junkie</li>

<li>Ball Skank</li>

<li>Muff Stain</li>

<li>Sperm Nugget</li>





<li>shit for farts</li>


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