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Username: pregeek

Name: Khushi Muhammad

Joined: 13 May 2016

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<span class="dropcap dropcap3" style="color: #ffcc00;">O</span>ff campus study is getting in vogue day by day. There are plenty of obvious reasons for this. Mostly professionals rush from office to home and vice versa in their busy schedule. They need to make strong pursuits to earn an MBA degree. Distant locations and multiple course pick-ups further make it uneasy for them. People with unsettled routines find no feasible facility which might help them to embark upon MBA program. In order to gear up their efficiency and management, they hanker to get into it. To reduce their dismay online MBA program is best the resort. Of those plenty of benefits, some are enumerated below.

Firstly, online MBA can be done from any location of the world. This conceptualizes the virtual academies or institutions. People can get themselves enrolled for online MBA program. The curriculum is provided in form of video lectures, document formats, collaboration tools, audio files and etcetera. Mostly people remain sunk in office hours. This program is viable for them to become an MBA in order to learn optimum skills of utilizing office resources and seeking promotions.

Secondly, online MBA is considerably cheaper than that of on campus. The fees structure varies from academy to academy. Generally, it costs from $3,000 to $30,000 depending upon the academy where one is enrolled. While on campus this becomes expensive. This is helpful for those who can not afford to travel abroad to seek an MBA degree.

Thirdly, in on campus study, student is bound to go with the schedule of semesters. Whereas in online MBA program the individual can pick up courses at one’s choice according to one’s pace of learning. This shall appease exasperation of an individual and shall make him or her decisive as to which subjects need to be picked. In this way the individual becomes self-regulated in terms of courses per semester.

Fourthly, like in on campus MBA, there are various academies which offer financial support to their students. Enough schola

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<h2><strong>Introduction to Prisma photo editor app</strong></h2>

<span class="dropcap dropcap3" style="color: #ffcc00;"><strong>P</strong></span>risma is an artistic app transforms photos into artistic works of world famous artists. Such as: Van Gogh, Levitan and Picasso. Prisma photo editor app also makes use of world famous ornaments and patterns. To turn your photos into a unique painting. The app turns your memorable moments into art works. Prisma made by Russians, using combination of neural networks & artificial intelligence. This picture editing app stands out in the market among other similar apps. And users overwhelmingly finding and downloading it in app stores (Now available on both: Apple app store & Google play store).

However we will try to explore this app differently in this article. Let’s try to discover. What are the prime reasons, for this app to get so famous in no time?

<h2><strong>Reasons Of success For Prisma Photo editor App:</strong></h2>

Prisma released by Russian company-Prisma lab. On 11th July 2016 a free version on iOS marked its success among its users. According to an article published on <a href="">The Verge</a> claims. This photo editor app is best app of the year after “<a href="">Pokemon go</a>” or might be in competition for the title of “the Best app”.


Let’s say that this stunning success of the application resulted by the iOS platform. As the android users had to wait a little. But it already marked on the famous social media networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Prisma just not work like any ordinary app just to filter the image. Its about redrawing a masterpiece by using neural networks. Therefore Prisma is extremely unique from other apps and recognized by users due to its “Quality” based output.


After Quality the most important trait Prisma possess is output

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<h2><strong>Introducing how to install windows 10 via USB flash drive</strong></h2>

The tested version of windows 10 is available finally. Microsoft has brought allot of improvements in this latest version of windows 10. However if you are ready to experience windows 10 then you must first know how to upgrade your PC. Therefore read this article to know how to install windows 10 via USB Flash drive?

Microsoft presents few options in order to install windows 10 such as directly purchase online from Microsoft, purchase CD or USB stick.

Anyways if you purchased windows key online and lost the media to install windows 10 you are might planning to create USB bootable disk which also a very safe way to reserve your windows. And if you haven’t lost then you might plan to reserve your copy of windows by making USB boot drive.

On the other hand, if you are planning to install a fresh window on new machine perhaps without an Operating system (OS) or in case if something went wrong with your current operating system and you want a fresh install.

In this article we will show you step wise instructions guide of windows 10 installation through a USB drive or Flash drive.

Once you have done with the installation you will enjoy learning the latest version of windows over your machine.

<strong>Meeting the requirement</strong>

The easiest way to back up your windows is USB drive. Therefore before you start get a USB drive which should be minimum 4GB in size or above. If you have saved data on the USB drive please save it to some safe place of your choice, because everything will be deleted from USB drive during this process. So it’s recommended you start with an empty USB drive.

After meeting the USB drive capacity requirement you need a tool to make USB drive bootable to install windows 10 via USB flash drive. So first of all download Rufus 2.8 or latest version available.

In the end, you need windows 10 activation key at hand. If you purchased windows online find it in your confirmation email, in wind

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<span class="dropcap dropcap3" style="color: #ffcc00;">T</span>oday almost everyone possesses a smartphone and everyone loves their smartphone’s. And we are emotionally attached to them. But there is a huge problem everyone faces specially on the go. I am talking about that problematic situation you hated the most “low battery”. And charging smartphones on the go is a little complicated due to wires and time consuming power banks.  Ever since the smartphones are introduced most of users wished. What if we could charge our smartphones on the go smartly and wirelessly? However a company named “<a href="">Baubux</a>” found the solution. By introducing World’s smartest wireless charging ecosystem apparels.

So your never ending problems such as, “low battery” and full of wires life can end now really soon. You just be ready to place your devices into pocket of your jacket or paints in order to kickstart wireless charging.


Baubux’s wireless apparels includes jackets, pants, shorts, wristlets and wallets to charge your smartphones. Baubax also introduced wirelessly chargeable Bluetooth earphones. Which can be easily attached for charging with jacket, wallet and wristlets etc. It has been done by inventing a charging pad allot thinner and smaller than the credit card. Stitched into aforementioned apparels (jackets, pants, shorts, wristlets and wallets).

Don’t worry about washing yes! these are absolutely washable. And conveniently rechargeable by Baubax’s home dual charging pad. At night you just need to place your apparels and devices on those pads to recharge them smartly, wirelessly and yes conveniently.

Now welcome to your wireless charging future activities. Like “Wireless outdoor, wireless home & office wireless night outs and wireless unlimited music”. So be limitless and go wirelessly. By experiencing the wireless lifestyle.

Baubax’s wireless charging ecosystem

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<span class="dropcap dropcap3" style="color: #ffcc00;">P</span>okémon Go! Internet going crazing by this virtual reality augmented game. It’s thrilling the mind of people so much that they are out on streets in groups and alone. It sounds definitely crazy but the storm of fun they are going through only a Pokémon Go game player can feel. However before the internet explodes from conspiracy theories, lets add a little to the e-buzz of this very fascinating game. So Pokémon Go has been launched the previous week and it’s trending like crazy viral on the internet. According <a href="">Forbes</a> Pokémon go is worth billion rupees with 7.5M downloads (on iOS and android-Google play only) and $1.6m/daily revenue in apple iOS store in US alone.

<h2>Play Pokémon Go!</h2>

Play forward to fill the gap between virtual world and real world with Pokémon Go. It uses real world locations such as your neighborhood, town, mountain, and Australia. By using phones maps and your phone camera, actually makes it wonderful combo. So that you can explore the Pokémon in entirely different and exciting way. The rules are pretty simple, acquire a device download Pokémon Go on your device iOS or android based, step outside and find more than 100 species of Pokémon, capture them, train them and own them for future big battles coming up. Explore how to play it in detail from Pokémon Company’s official webpage: <a href="">(Pokémon Go official)</a>

Believe me it will not just make you explore the places nearby you but also the places far away you never visited. Pokémon Go seems to be a little physical too perhaps I should say mostly physical. Breaking the tradition of being lousy and sitting all day at couch and playing a game less physical and making no move, making you fat. At least Pokémon go has this advantage.


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