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Links 1 through 10 of 10 by Dan Kleinman tagged ClermontCountyPublicLibrary

BATAVIA - The 10 branches of the Clermont County Public Library will now allow religious groups to use meeting rooms, reversing a decision made three years ago by the board of trustees.

A ban on using the rooms for anything other than library programs was instituted in June 2008, prompted by a lawsuit filed on behalf of a Pierce Township couple who intended to quote from the Bible if allowed to hold a free financial planning seminar at the Amelia branch.

Trustees were concerned that groups "of any belief and to any extreme" might ask to meet at libraries, said Joe Braun, president of the board. But the ban applied even to Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, which had been using the rooms.

During a Monday meeting at the Miami Township branch, the five library trustees present voted unanimously to suspend the ban, Braun said.

"It's our hope that within the next 60 days or so the board will approve guidelines regarding the meeting rooms," Braun said. "For now, we have suspended ....

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Weighing on the minds of township trustees is a federal lawsuit filed this month against the Clermont County Public Library, which barred a couple from using a meeting room for religious purposes.

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The Clermont County Public Library has apparently violated the civil rights of Christians and ignored American Library Association [ALA] meeting room policy to do so. Result? A lawsuit draining public funds to defend a defenseless point based on someone's

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Quoting from the Bible has been banned in a community room at the public library in Clermont County, Ohio, and now a couple who sought to use the facility for a financial planning seminar has brought a court case.

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In its lawsuit filed last week, the Alliance Defense Fund said the Clermont County Public Library denied a Christian couple access to their public meeting rooms because of their intention to hold a seminar that would make use of Scripture-based financial

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"The Clermont County library board has taken the position that rather than allowing groups to access our library and use it for meetings to discuss financial issues from a religious perspective, we're willing to just shut it down," he said. "That truly is

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BATAVIA, Ohio (AP) - A public library in southwest Ohio has sharply limited the use of its meeting rooms following a lawsuit over gatherings with religious purposes.

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BATAVIA, Ohio -- A public library in southwestern Ohio has sharply limited use of its meeting rooms after a lawsuit over meetings with religious purposes. The Clermont County Public Library board will allow only library programs in its meeting rooms.

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CINCINNATI — Alliance Defense Fund attorneys and allied attorneys filed suit Wednesday against the Clermont County Public Library for not allowing a seminar because it involved biblical references. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of an Ohio couple and

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