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Links 1 through 10 of 61 by paul bailey tagged losangeles

"I’ve been spending more time in Downtown lately where there are many eating options though the bulk seem to be of the new fancier variety, with lunch averaging around $12 for some precious fare presented nicely on a plate. Sure, its often good but sometimes you just want a quick bite to kill the hunger not a list of pricey items in season and all that waiter nonsense. So I’ve been walking around trying to find the spots where the laborers get their grub. How come the local papers and blogs tell me nothing about what I want to know?  It’s all fancy restaurants and real estate development. Pass!"

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"True story.  My teenage daughter went to an oral surgeon for a minor procedure.  While she was in the chair, the surgeon asked where she went to school.  When he heard that she attended a public high school, he asked if she carried a gun to class.  He was only half-kidding."

Despite such imagined horrors of gang member showdowns or  girls with razor blades in their hair and rattail combs filed down to stilettos, our kids have not only survived public school, they’ve thrived.   

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"This downtown taco stand serves up several interesting and rare options, but we know all you really want to hear about are the vampiros. At Mexicali Taco & Co., the vampiros are garlicky, cheesy, quesadilla-like creations filled with your choice of asada, pollo, or chorizo. In this case, it seems that the name, lately the subject of much debate, stems from the vampire-fighting power of such a garlicky beast. This interpretation of the vampiro is quite different from the version at Tacos Guanajuato, but fear not, for there is more to Mexicali."

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"Frank chose not to attend the concert. No one in the (sparsely attended) hall knew of the deception - except me and a few close friends of members of the Unit. A lot of useless electronic equipment was brought on stage for the performance, keyboards were conveniently turned so that the players hands were not visible from the audience. Microphones(non-functional, of course) were everywhere. The players who knew their parts best were placed forward on stage. Art himself, who had learned his part on Marimba well enough that he could have actually played it, was front and center. Unlike a clarinet or flute, it's almost impossible to fake playing a marimba so he created some special mallets with huge puffy heads on them allowing him to actually hit the bars and make an insignificant sound."

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"Across the street from one of the dim sum palaces of Chinatown -- the Studio for Southern California History. It's privately run, filled with books and films and ephemera about the history of our part of the state. (I'm a fan of this link to other history-related sites and sights.)"

It's also a wee bit quirky. For example, an LA freeways pinball machine.

Located at 977 N. Hill Street in our fair city. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 8 pm, and by appointment.

Bring some quarters for pinball. Beat my score.

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"While there are times when Highland Park can feel a million miles away from the heart of Hollywood and its attendant glitz and glamour, the fact is, some of the industries genre defining films were shot right in backyard.

Take Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarentino's art-house gangster flick turned international sensation. Not only a favorite of mine, but also, I think, one of the most important and imitated American movies of the 1990s.

I'm going to take you on a bit of a tour of Highland Park through the movie. I'll also note the movie run time, rounded off, so you can follow along if you are watching it."

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"Well, if AEG is worth billions, I don't get why it needs a $350-million municipal bond. And what if an NFL team came to L.A. but left in a year or two for a better deal in another city? Anyone remember the Raiders and Rams?"

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P“Rushing the work to relieve the bottleneck of the Figueroa tunnels for traffic on the Arroyo Seco freeway that runs between Los Angeles and Pasadena, crews are shown building the new parallel road through Elysian Park. In one section a whole mountain is being moved to fill in dirt for the new relief road for the heavy traffic.” Photo dated March 7, 1941."

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"1. L.A.-style galbi (grilled, marinated beef short ribs): In Korea, chefs use a vertical cut of beef that they slice by hand to preserve the texture. Here, the meat is cut horizontally with a slicer, not a knife, and usually has two or three small bones in the center. Korean Americans have adopted the local, cheaper cut, although it produces less tender galbi. It has even made its way to Korea, where LA galbi is regarded as a cool western innovation."

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