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Links 1 through 10 of 14 by Dave O'Brien tagged scmp

There's no need to queue overnight for the latest iPhone - if you can afford the HK$14,800 price tag on parallel-import 32GB iPhone 4s that went on sale in Mong Kok yesterday.

That's a month before the local launch, and the price (for an unlocked phone from Britain) is more than twice that of iPhone 3GS released last year.

Two days after the iPhone 4 went on sale in the United States, France, Germany and Britain, Hongkongers were able to get their hands on the gadget yesterday at Digital Concept Mobile Pro-shop at Sin Tat Plaza.

The iPhone 4 price, at US$1,902, is more than six times the US$299 price of locked versions offered by one telecoms service provider in the US - and that's with a two-year contract.

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Cold weather warning issued by observatory
Regina Leung
5:39pm, Jun 01, 2010
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The Hong Kong Observatory issued a cold weather warning at 4.20pm on Wednesday and warned that temperatures would drop further, said a spokesman.

“A winter monsoon associated with a cold front is affecting the coastal areas of Guangdong and the temperatures in those areas have decreased by four-to-six degrees Celsius compared to yesterday.

“The observatory forecasts that when the monsoon passes over Hong Kong temperatures will drop further. In urban areas it will be around 13 degree Celsius tonight and a couple of degrees lower in the New Territories,” senior scientific officer Ginn Wing-lui said.

The observatory estimates the temperature will drop further on Thursday and Friday.

“The temperature on Thursday will be around 12 degrees Celsius and on Friday may even drop to 11 degrees,” he said.

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Water main bursts in Wanchai
Staff reporter
1:41pm, May 22, 2009
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All lanes at Harbour Road, Central, near Fleming Road, were closed to traffic after a water main there burst, a spokesman for the Transport Department said on Friday.

"About 4.30am, the water main burst," said the spokesman, adding that the main was about 450 millimetres in diameter.

He said workers from the Water Supplies Department were still repairing it.

"As they have been affected by the main bursting, all premises at Wan Chai and Happy Valley have had their sea water supplies suspended," he added.

The spokesman said motorists going from Causeway Bay to Admiralty should use Tonnochy Road and Convention Avenue.

"Those who drive from Admiralty to Causeway Bay should use Tim Mei Avenue and Lung Wui Road," he advised.

(dave: disagreement between the headline and the first line of the story? Come on SCMP, pay some attention to detail.)

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It is important to note that the government's primary responsibility must be the social and economic development of the city. It is therefore understandable the government will not do anything to compromise the future of Hong Kong. Vindicating the June 4 movement at this moment is certainly not in Hong Kong's interest. I believe we should just let history judge the Tiananmen incident and not let our heart rule our mind.

I question the loyalty of Ms Ng and her colleagues in the pro-democratic parties. Are they trying to make life more difficult for Hongkongers? Where is their allegiance? Do they want their constituents to be unemployed with uncertain prospects? I am glad that they are not in the administration to manage our affairs or we will face more difficult times ahead.

Dr Chin Nam Low, Ap Lei Chau

(dave: Shorter Dr. Chin: China can murder as many students as it feels like as long as some of us can continue to make money. Immoral Scum.)

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Why do so many people support software piracy? The answer is because pirated software is very cheap. I have a creative method to reduce software piracy - software companies can give some useful things to customers free, such as rice and shopping coupons. This will attract many people to buy software from their companies instead of buying things from pirate merchants.

(dave: the real cure for software piracy is to encourage more use of open source software.)

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HK press drops to 'partly free' in report
Yvonne Tsui
May 03, 2009
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Erosion of press freedom last year in Hong Kong has reduced the city to a "partly free" status from its previous "free" category, according to a US press freedom report.

The Freedom of the Press Report released last Friday by Freedom House - a social concern group in the United States - said the city's change in status reflected the growing influence of Beijing over media and free expression.

(comment: While I agree with the increasing impact of Beijing on our press freedoms, I wish the SCMP would actually do their homework before quoting press releases like this. 'Freedom House' is probably not the worst of the right-wing think-tanks, but it's an organisation with an institutional bias to the right, and a decent reporter should have indicated this.)

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“I think those fundamental … strengths of the US economy will continue going forward and I don’t think people should have any doubt about the continued fundamental strength of the American economy,” he added.

Echoing the words of Hoover just after the Market Crash of 1929. Honestly, how stupid do you have to be to believe these clowns?

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But Mao dragged the talks back to the topic of Chinese women.

"Let them go to your place. They will create disasters. That way you can lessen our burdens," he said. "Do you want our Chinese women? We can give you 10 million."

Dr Kissinger noted that

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Mr Poeteray says the adopted girl was medically diagnosed in Hong Kong in 2004 with a severe fear of bonding. This is a recognised condition more commonly associated with children conditioned to life in an orphanage - unlike the girl in question.

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