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Links 1 through 10 of 3725 Claude Almansi's Bookmarks

Ernesto Priego, Sept 12, 2011
"Social media is becoming increasingly important in teaching and research work but tutors must remember, it's a conversation not a lecture, says Ernesto Priego"

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"This special report examines the growing e-learning opportunities for students with disabilities, English-language learners, gifted and talented students, and those at risk of failing in school.

Download the digital edition. (Login or FREE registration required.)
You can read the complete online version of the report here. "

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Sept. 9, 2011
"...we have not yet even begun to develop the protocols for the new world of communication parallel with the ones we created for the 19th and 20th century world of communication. We will. We're fifteen years into the commercialization of the internet and now is the perfect time to begin thinking how to protect ourselves as worker in an "adjunct" world (and not just for academe), how to train ourselves as life-long learners to make the tools help us not use us. "

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"The purpose of this document is two-fold:
- to offer an online history of the development of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
- to use that history to describe major elements of a MOOC

Each chapter of this guide looks at one of the first MOOCs and some early influences. It contains these parts:
- a description of the MOOC, what it did, and what was learned
- a description of the element of MOOC theory learned in the offering of the course
- practical tools that can be used to develop that aspect of a MOOC
- practical tips on how to be successful

Contribute to this Book

You are invited to contribute. (...)

In order to participate, please email or message your contact details, and we'll you to the list of people who can edit pages. (...)

Your contributions will be accepted and posted under a CC-By license."

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Annotated link

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Share It With Others!

Sept. 6, 2011
"Matt Richtel’s panoramic essay, “In Classroom of the Future, Stagnant Scores.” weighs in this morning on the topic of “Grading the Digital School.” I found myself cheering and jeering alternately throughout this piece. Why? Because it so quickly confuses “standards” with “standardized test scores” and technology put into classrooms with “preparing kids for a digital future (actually, the digital present: it’s here, it’s now, like it or not). These confusions are so pervasive in our culture and so urgent that I want to take a moment to focus on them. "

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Started by Joel Josephson, Sept. 4, 2011
See also the various links provided in the discussion.

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