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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Nicolas Morin tagged isbn

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web services sur la base Books in Print

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"thingISBN," LibraryThing's "answer" to xISBN. Under the hood, xISBN is a test of FRBR, a highly-developed, well thought-out way for librarians to model bibliographic relationships. By contrast, thingISBN is based on LibraryThing's "everyone a librarian"

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xISBN supplies ISBNs associated with individual intellectual works represented in the OCLC WorldCat database. Give it an ISBN, and it returns a list of associated ISBNs.

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isbn à 13 chiffres

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opac HIP auquel ont été ajoutés: un permalink qui utilise le service xisbn d'OCLC, une fonctionnalité de potonomie, et un lien vers Amazon. Plus: ceux qui ont empruntés ce livre ont aussi emprunté... Et un plan de la bibliothèque

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