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Username: neuage

Name: neuage

Joined: 12 Feb 2012

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Fisherman's Wharf and Ocean Park Dalian and the Tiger Beach Naval Ships Exhibition Center This former Soviet missile cruiser ship, which was purchased in 1945 during World War II, is one of Dalian's more popular tourist attractions. As a true testament to its significance in China, it was officially inspected by Premiere Zhou En'lai and Navel Commander in Chief Xiao Jingguang in August 1957. The cruiser retired in 1991.

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Random bus rides through Kaifaqu.
Narda getting a haircut in Ansheng Shopping Mall.
Wandering through Tri-color City here in the new Dalian Development Area

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Just a random stop - earth
currently Computer teacher and technology integration coordinator at Dalian American International School

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