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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Natural Handcrafted Soap Company - Only One - tagged Gift Ideas from Natural Handcrafted Soap

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Share It With Others!

The wedding favor eventually spread throughout all tiers of society from Martha Stewart to your local neighborhood wedding.
Wedding favors are traditionally a small token gift given to the guests attending a wedding. Handcrafted soaps are one of the most traditionally given wedding favors these days. Wedding favors today have become a traditional part of almost all wedding ceremonies and receptions.Wish list wedding favors have become more diverse in their range since the days of wealthy aristocrats, the giving of small elegant artisan handcrafted soaps has become very popular like most wedding traditions popular among the rich and famous.

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Natural Handcrafted Soap Mother and Baby Soap Gift Set

This wonderful set includes mild and gentle soaps both for mom and baby.

The set includes milk soaps butter, coconut and goat, oatmeal, Greek olive oil and one wonderfully scented soap for mom, it also includes a double cut aged bar.

The set includes six regular bars, one double cut extra large bar, two rose shaped bars , and three baby bars

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Natural handcrafted soaps are the ultimate gentlemans gift.

Wonderful twelve piece mens gift set

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Share It With Others!