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Username: mytopfacecom

Name: mytopface

Joined: 14 Nov 2016

Profile Info

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The MyTopFace team is happy to be bringing you this pride inspired makeup tutorial. This look consists of a colorful cut crease and gold glitter on the eyes and a long wearing full coverage foundation routine. This is perfect for the month of June due to all the amazing events and parades...

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Both men and women have been infatuated with all things shiny and gold since the dawn of civilization. The gold leaf trend that has taken the beauty industry by storm has come back yet again, but this time it has embarked on the world of fragrance. Ilana Jivago, the creator of Jivago, created a...

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This light and fresh pastel look combine’s orange and purple pastel tones through the crease to create a wonderful light mauve color, this is paired with a shimmery shade on the lid. The look is completed with matching pinky mauve lip to bring out the eyeshadow, and a wonderful glow...

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Introducing One O Seven, a Korean cosmetics brand that has developed cleansing, fragrance, and skincare products using naturally fermented vinegar as it’s featured ingredient. Ohk Ran Chung discovered this foreign raw material’s incredible benefits, which is the base in most of the...

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Skin Pi was founded by former international runway model Goby Lui. During her time as a full-time model Goby became really interested and well educated in skin care and beauty rituals. After Goby became a mother her main focus turned from the catwalk to producing skin care products that give...

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You’ve probably heard of their interesting and innovative products before, like the Cake & Bake Beauty Sponge, or the Color Switch Instant Brush Cleaner. The cosmetic brand Vera Mona has been described before as a game-changing beauty brand that will one day take the beauty industry by...

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When you think about things that stain your teeth, you’re thinking about this MyTopFace Beauty Experts favorite things. Red wine and coffee are honestly a food group of their own at this point in my life.  Spending all day sipping on a shamefully large number of black coffees to get me through...

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It’s officially summertime which means the weather is amazing, everyone is outside and having fun, and we at MyTopFace are really excited to be trying out a lot of new products! In this review, we will be discussing 2 brands that you’ve seen us review before called Bee You Organics as well as a...

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When it comes to your summer makeup routine the only thing that you should be laying on thick is your skincare and sunscreen. We at MyTopFace love keeping our summer makeup looks light and natural because no one likes the feeling of their makeup melting off in the hot summer heat. Here is a...

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