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Links 1 through 10 of 72 by Ilona Meagher tagged programs

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"Vets Connect program, which the Stanford School of Medicine launched this summer.

The program provides free mental health treatment and other services for veterans of the two ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom."

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"Deinstitutionalization dramatically shifted the locus of mental healthcare from psychiatric hospitals to the community. Concurrently, law enforcement officers' role as frontline responders to mental health crises increased considerably. This development is daunting for both law enforcement and mental healthcare providers. Without special knowledge and skills, police response to complex mental health crises often results in greater risk of violence, arrest, and incarceration (or control) of persons with mental illness, rather than referral to mental health services for treatment.1 Both criminal justice and mental health systems consider these risks unacceptable."

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Some of the ideas garnered include rock climbing walls, yoga classes, Wii gaming systems, and Cross Fit training at the Wellness Center. Also in the Wellness Center, Soldiers and Families can pursue smoking cessation classes, biofeedback, and nutritional counseling.

At the Cognitive Enhancement and Assistance Center, financial classes and Military Family Life Consultants are available.

The Spiritual Fitness Center provides all faiths a place to gather for small group or individual meditation, Battlefield Ethics classes, and access to a chaplain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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A whole range of programs are springing up across the country, pairing returning troops and veterans with the great outdoors.

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A book signing at Tempe's Changing Hands Bookstore this summer gave me the pleasure of meeting Betty Merritt, founder of the Merritt Center and Lodge in Payson, Arizona. She told us about her center's healing retreats for veterans

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Dr. Edward Tick, author of War and the Soul, will be out in the Midwest again this week, at the helm of a 3-day Healing Veterans from PTSD Workshop kicking off this Thursday, September 13.

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There will soon be two Veterans Readjustment Centers in the Valley. These facilities help retuning veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. They also help the families and provide bereavement counseling.

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When looking at the data on the strain of extended deployments and the special stresses of 'weekend warriors' vs. that of the active forces, it's obvious the state's leaders felt the need to be proactive in ensuring their citizen soldiers' reintegration..

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Multiple ways to teach veterans and military families to cope with a combat deployment can only be a good thing. I'm very happy to hear of options like this cropping up around the country.

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