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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Ilona Meagher tagged meetings

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) gives notice under Public Law 92–463 (Federal Advisory Committee Act) that the Advisory Committee on OIF/OEF Veterans and Families will conduct a meeting and a site visit in the Palo Alto, California area on September 16–18, 2008. Committee activities will include tours and briefings at various VA facilities.

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Share It With Others!

Received the following call for help tomorrow afternoon from Amy Fairweather for anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Those who seek mental health care risk retributions, one soldier claimed. Spc. Ellen Roderick, an Iraq veteran with PTSD, said she had a good experience in counseling but a tough time in her former unit. "We've had problems being denied (medical) appointm

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I have an update for you on a leadership role Abbie Pickett's taking on bringing other vets together in Madison, WI. I've also got an audio link to share that will give you the chance to hear her talk on her combat experiences and her resulting PTSD.

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When Capt. Aaron Krenz of Fargo returned to the Red River Valley after a deployment to Iraq, he found a different world from the home he left 15 months earlier.... now he's helping to educate his local community members on ways to support their returning

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