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Links 1 through 10 of 980 Maria S's Bookmarks

(note language re "protecting children") "staff...battled it out for a chance to represent the UK at an international Hooters show in Miami, in a competition which involved two rounds of bikini modelling.

But following the event the council’s licensing committee received letters of complaint claiming that the event was in breach of the conditions of Hooters’ licence.One of the letters of complaint about Wednesday’s event has come from Bristol University’s Centre for Gender and Violence Research, and was written by Professor Marianne Hester, Dr Melanie McCarry and Dr Emma Williamson.

They said: “The premises’ licence was granted on the basis that the Hooters restaurant offered a family-friendly environment with ‘a uniform’ and that semi-nudity was not permitted. We believe that by holding a bikini competition semi-nudity was evident and therefore the licence breached.... "

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Discussion - "what would a writer have to do to create a fictional a society in which sex work is positive, safe and fulfilling for both workers and clients, and considered a good thing by society? Can it even be done, when you factor in the reality that many prostitutes are minors of both genders, too young for any sort of legal employment? ... To convince me that your fictional sex work is a truly good thing, I would also like to hear that your sex workers enjoy the sex they have on the job. That at least many of them find their careers fulfilling in some way. And I would really, really like to see roughly as many male sex workers as female, and female customers as male, or else I will still be frustrated that in this enlightened society you’ve created, you’re okay with continuing the idea that sex is something women yield to men rather than a just plain human experience."

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"it’s the easiest insult to fling at a woman, whether she’s actually promiscuous or not. If she wears revealing clothing, if she talks about sex, she gets tarred with the brush of whoredom. ...

... when’s the last time you heard a guy insulted by being called a stud? And ... it isn’t a spectrum, not for women. It’s not “a little from Column A, a little from Column B.” It’s either/or.

... Purity is always endangered. It cannot survive blemish. Which is why, as many women have discovered to their peril, one step across the line — whether the step is real or just imagined by the beholder — threatens to produce freefall, from virgin to whore in one swift move. A girl cheats on her boyfriend with another guy, or just kisses him, or maybe she isn’t dating anybody at all but the “boyfriend” had staked a claim on her in his own mind, and now she’s violated that claim by being interested in somebody else: instant slut."

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info on failings in asylum interviewing of trafficking victims " 1.2 A greater level of awareness of trafficking is needed amongst Border and Immigration Agency staff carrying out asylum screening interviews. The current lack of gender awareness and spirit of disbelief often displayed in such interviews is leading to cases of trafficking going undetected and victims being inappropriately placed on the Detainee Fast Track System.... The UNHCR reports of one particular interview which was assessed with a young female who was an alleged survivor of rape. Concern was raised that the "harsh tone of the questioning, coupled with the lack of gender appropriateness of the participants may have had a significant effect on the willingness of the applicant to disclose details of her case....t a number of the gender-inappropriate interviews were relating to cases were there was subject evidence prior to the interview indicating that they raised gender sensitive issues, such as rape."

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Loads of good discussion on women's experiences of exclusion in and how they got into computing "Traditional “affirmative action” proved fairly ineffective in increasing the number of women who built a successful career in IT. A close friend suddenly found himself in position to influence efforts in this area by a Fortune 50 IT company. The company’s declared goal is to make IT careers more attractive to women, starting at K-12 level. He asked me for suggestions on how to proceed without create additional discrimination against boys in the process. Any advice?"

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"All teachers want to provide the best instruction and create the best learning environment for their students. Yet, the research indicates that females are getting a significantly poorer science education than males, even when they are in the same classroom. The consequences of this poorer education can be seen in gender differences in attitude toward science and differential course enrollment patterns. Females hold more negative attitudes toward science than males and are less likely to continue studying science in high school and beyond.

..., many teacher behaviors and teaching strategies have been identified that contribute to these problems. These teacher behaviors and strategies are often employed without malicious intent. Nevertheless, the result is gender inequity in science instruction which contributes to negative attitudes toward science and science avoidance on the part of females."

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"When they assessed her case, British immigration officials knew that Katya, a vulnerable 18-year-old from Moldova, had been trafficked and forced into prostitution, but ruled that she would face no real danger if she was sent back.

Days after her removal from the UK, her traffickers tracked her down to the Moldovan village where she had grown up. She was gang-raped, strung up by a rope from a tree, and forced to dig her own grave. One of her front teeth was pulled out with a pair of pliers. Shortly afterwards she was re-trafficked, first to Israel and later back to the UK.

The Home Office decision last week to pay her substantial damages has raised serious questions about the way Britain treats trafficked women. The unprecedented case also opens the possibility that other individuals who have been removed from this country and subsequently found themselves exposed to danger in their home country, could attempt to sue the Home Office for damages. "

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(nb - e.g.of how women's anti-rape activism has paved way for bringing sexual violence against men to light & for addressing needs of male survivors) "Last year nearly 50,000 male veterans screened positive for “military sexual trauma” at the Department of Veterans Affairs, up from just over 30,000 in 2003. For the victims, the experience is a special kind of hell—a soldier can’t just quit his job to get away from his abusers. But now, as the Pentagon has begun to acknowledge the rampant problem of sexual violence for both genders, men are coming forward in unprecedented numbers, telling their stories and hoping that speaking up will help them, and others, put their lives back together. “We don’t like to think that our men can be victims,” says Kathleen Chard, chief of the posttraumatic-stress unit at the Cincinnati VA. “We don’t want to think that it could happen to us. If a man standing in front of me who is my size, my skill level, who has been raped—what does that mean about me?”

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"Since he began reviewing files of evidence, he has seen 24 new cases involving charges of perverting the course of justice in relation to retractions of domestic violence and rape allegations. ...

If there is evidence to suggest that the woman has withdrawn an allegation concerning a rape or an act of domestic violence that actually happened, then the new guidance makes it clear that no case for perverting the course of justice should be brought. 'The prosecutor should be aware that victims of domestic violence may sometimes retract a true allegation: for example as a result of pressure, fear of violence, or intimidation, or because of other factors such as a desire to give the relationship another chance. ... If there is any question as to whether the original allegation might in fact have been true, then there is not a realistic prospect of conviction, and no charge of perverting the course of justice should be brought.'"

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