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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Mark Wagner tagged research

Great news: "Google Scholar added the option to get email alerts when new articles related to your interests are published."

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This may be less timely than other topics here, but I was reminded of how inspirational some of the chapters in this book were at the beginning of my Ph.D. journey.

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Geeky Mom points to Pronetos, "a facebook-like app for sharing research and connecting with scholars." Does this have potential? I haven't tried it, but saved it for later.

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Via David Brussin... this is a fantastic idea and the article touches on some of the hurdles and concerns. Even if all students can't contribute to the wikipedia, they can certainly contribute to a school or class wiki.

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Awesome! Wes Freyer is back to work on his dissertation... and he's sharing it with us all... in a wiki. That's definitely the next step from my blog postings. But can we edit his work?

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Social bookmarking for academics. Lainie McGann suggested this to me and explained that it creates your references as you go. Sounds cool. Haven't tried it.

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I've been blogging my dissertation process, so this post from Joyce Valenza caught my eye.

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