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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Mark Wagner tagged mac

I haven't tried this, but this looks cool: "free application TweetMyMac remote controls your Mac from anywhere you can access Twitter, allowing you to restart and shutdown your computer, take a screenshot, open a torrent, and more."

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Download the developers release of Chrome for the Mac here. As of this writing, I've found that it's not ready for my own daily use... Gears didn't work, Import didn't work, and other buttons/features just plain did nothing. Not to mention I missed my FireFox extensions. But, boy, is it fast!

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If you haven't already discovered this (I was late to the game... but also had many people tell me such a thing didn't exist), XMeeting allows Macs to connect to Polycom-based videoconferencing (and to other systems using similar standards).

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Miguel points us toward a collection of Mac apps for the classroom... the list included many I hadn't seen before.

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