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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Mark Wagner tagged googlesites

This tool from Google's data liberation front helps you import and export entire Google Sites. Thanks to Chris Walsh for sharing this with me.

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Jason Rhode was good enough to share the agenda and resources for his workshop on Google Sites in Education.

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Google Sites has some new features. Teachers who use a site as the hub for their class might particularly like the new navigation options.

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It's official, Google Page Creator is closing up shop. Sites is a pretty awesome wiki-like service (but NOT a wiki due to its lack of an anonymous editing option), but many teachers found the simpler Google Pages valuable as well. I'll be interested to see how people make simple pages in Sites.

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Even the National School Board Association noted Google Sites, and this is a good overview.

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Here's the sample educator's site in Google Sites. It could definitely be better, but it's great to have a teacher example right at the get go.

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Finally, Google's Wiki (born of Jott) comes of age. It was announced on Feb 28th, but it requires Google Apps for your domain. So on the 29th I set up Google Apps for, which is awesome - but definitely a post dissertation project for me.

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