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Links 1 through 10 of 94 by Magnus Hultberg tagged google

What if I was given the login and password to someone's web analytics data and asked to "find something interesting?" How would I start the process of web data analysis right? Even without any knowledge of the company's goals or help from a stubborn HiPPO or clients who just want data pukes? Can I add any business value?

A real challenge!

It turns out, astonishingly, that even with all those barriers (no objectives or goals or cooperation or business guidance), you can spend a couple hours and do decent enough analysis, sourced from your experience, to deliver some minor data-gasms of insights.

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I de flesta länder så är Google den överlägset största sökmotorn, med all sin rätt bör tilläggas. Men det finns ett antal asiatiska länder där sökmotoroptimering för att ranka högt i Google inte alls har samma betydelse. Här kommer listan!

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Google just made it easy for U.S.-based Gmail users to make and receive calls right inside their browsers using technology from Google Voice.

The move has prompted some to speculate that Google is going after Skype, but the real target here isn’t a cheap telephony company — it’s Facebook.

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At Econsultancy HQ, we’re loving infographics in a big way. After all, what’s not to like? They’re great visual breakdowns of complex information,  far better than standard data charting, and are often extremely creative in their representations.

I’ve already dug out quite a few social media infographics, but rooting around across the internet also threw up a whole load of new ones I’d not seen, based around natural search. Obviously, I felt duty-bound to share them. 

The following are a handful of some of the best ones that I found. I’m sure there’s plenty more out there, so if you find anything interesting, leave links in the comments. As always, the original images are linked to in the headline text.

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The basics of SEO are stupidly simple; and it seems like everyone knows – or at least pretends to know – those basics. Still I get asked about SEO pretty often. I don’t consider myself an expert, but I’ll share what I know, and hopefully it will help some people.

I’ll be talking Google-centrically because Google will likely account for the vast majority of your inbound search traffic. Additionally, if you rank highly on Google, you will probably do pretty well on other search engines anyway.

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The link building interview is back. In prior years, I’ve gotten together some of the best minds in link building and asked them to answer some questions about link development. What resulted were two very powerful (and long) link development interviews. It’s been more than two years since the most recent one, so I decided to bring it back – this time on Outspoken Media.

With that out of the way, grab a cup of coffee (or a beer #justsayin) and get ready to learn about link development methods and theories from (listed and answered in alphabetical order by first name):

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Amazing infographic on the workings of the Google search engine behemoth.

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If you haven’t added Google Analytics to your Facebook Page yet, then you probably should start out here. Google Analytics is the king and queen of flexible traffic analysis right now. Most organizations do not need more than what Google has to offer. If you’re running high volume e-commerce, then yes, you probably should get one of those expensive things, but if you’re not, then Google Analytics is way sufficient to use your analysis tool for you to be able to continuously improve your website.

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Foursquare has gotten the most attention of all the location-based mobile applications, with Gowalla and Brightkite taking second and third place, although Hot Potato is coming up in popularity quickly. In part, Foursquare’s profile is a result of having attracted the most users — it recently hit one million users, a number that doubled in less than three weeks, and it only launched a year ago. There have been unconfirmed reports recently that some Internet giants are looking to acquire the startup: one rumor has Yahoo looking to pay as much as $100 million for the company.

So there’s no question that such services are popular — but are they a business, or are they just a feature that belongs inside another business or service? And if they are a business on their own, how do they make money?

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