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Links 1 through 9 of 9 by Louise Ventris tagged pdf

Chartered Institute of Marketing - 10 minute guide on defining a USP

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pdf - discussing the big society - citizens volunteering at a local level to support the local community.
People taking ownership of local issues. Rather than relying on the state to sort out problems.
Recently published local bill demonstrates - the neighbourhood is the focal point.

Explores the concept of next practice
change current model of service delivery
genuinely user and practitioner generated
incorporate inherent risks to achieve potential rewards. Trying out the new.

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Tree Preservation Orders A guide to the Law and Good Practice - in particular articles 6.45 and 6.14

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Internet usage

‘There has been growth in Internet access by all age groups. Althought the youngest age group (those aged 16-24) had the highest levels of access, at 96% the largest increase in the proportion of those accessing the Internet was the oldest age group (65 plus). Access by those aged 65 plus increased proportionally by 15 per cent, compared with an increase of 3 per cent for the 16-24 age group.’

Internet Access Households and Individuals 2009 -

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Luke Wroblewski - pdf presentation on form design - best practice

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1. Make sure your PDFs are text based.
2. Complete the document properties.
3. Optimize the copy.
4. Build links into PDFs.
5. Pay attention to the version. (Acrobat 7)
6. Optimize the file size for search.
7. Pay attention to placement.
8. Influence meta descriptions for PDFs.
9. Specify the reading order.

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W3C guide on creating accessible pdf documents.

'Tagged PDF is a stylized use of PDF that allows reliable recovery of text, graphics, and images in PDF documents, with no ambiguity about the contents or the ordering of the contents. A Tagged PDF file is page oriented. Each page of a Tagged PDF document contains the text, graphics, and images in reading order, as determined by the authoring application. A Tagged PDF is a Logical Structured PDF. Logical Structure is used to carry information necessary to support tagging for access and content extraction, as well as styling properties needed for access, reflow, and content extraction. It also provides the identification of the article flows in the cross-page environment for access and content extraction.'

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pdf guide to creating affinity diagrams which are a very useful tool in analysing card sort results.

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