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Enjoy a wide variety of handmade chocolates made right here on Salt Spring Island in Beautiful British Columbia Canada. A wonderful gift to give or receive. Try our Truffles, Bites, Tahitian Ginger, Nuts and Caramels or Hedgehogs. We're located in the heart of Ganges. Come in and try our Salt Spring Gelato or visit us at

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Salt Spring Gelato products have earned a reputation for being of the highest quality in the market today. As an artisan company we have a mission to produce only enough gelato and sorbetto to service our orders. Nothing sits on the shelf. Our Italian ice cream is made with fresh ingredients in small batches so orders received on the weekend through Monday are delivered on Thursday and Friday. Since we manufacture to order, we add the best ingredients with no preservatives necessary.

We are committed to remaining an artisan shop to ensure quality, freshness and a taste that is consistently delicious. Discover for yourself why we are simply better.

Visit us at

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