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Username: lisadp

Name: Lisa T

Joined: some time ago

Profile Info

Links 1 through 10 of 38 by Lisa T tagged society

Clive Hamilton has clearly highlighted how current governing structures and economic practices ill-equipped to handle climate change legislation...

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Trawling through the ABC News recent news archive I was quite incensed to find a story about the cold and nasty organisers of the Olympics Opening Ceremony...

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The Northern Lights show of the Adelaide Festival this year has been one of the most brilliant and striking features...

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I failed miserably to buy nothing on Buy Nothing Day. Not only was it a Saturday but a day when the Howard government was chucked out after 11 years, meaning a celebration was absolutely in order...

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This Saturday, apart from being election day, is Buy Nothing Day (BND)...

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Well, there isn't quite as much excitement about it around the traps but now the Matildas have exceeded the blokes in the women's equivalent by getting into the quarter finals...

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Aunty is no doubt very proud of herself. Not only was the ABC Howard's choice of platform to announce that if he gets re-elected for the fourth time he'll be retiring (??!) but the proud sponsor of the Chaser boys...

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Apparently ethics and principle don't play any role in adopting a political preference. It's merely about how well one's brain adapts to breaking a routine...

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This was the view of the Victoria Square fountain yesterday morning when I was walking through the square...

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A jaw-dropping story of when you know you've had too much vodka to be out catching squid...

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