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Username: lisadp

Name: Lisa T

Joined: some time ago

Profile Info

Links 1 through 10 of 16 by Lisa T tagged philosophy

Clive Hamilton has clearly highlighted how current governing structures and economic practices ill-equipped to handle climate change legislation...

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I just read an article which tried to critique the Clive Hamilton view of affluenza, "Why Downsizing Won't Work" by Akshay Shanker. It's a relatively immature effort to defend the economic fetish...

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This Saturday, apart from being election day, is Buy Nothing Day (BND)...

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How is it that we as humans should make sense of the world, make sensible conclusions in less than a lifetime, and so be active participants...

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Recently there's been a lot of discussion about the quandary of the Australian cricket team as to whether they should fulfil their contract obligation to play the Zimbabwean team in Zimbabwe or to boycott the match...

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In Melbourne and Adelaide people were lighting fires on Christmas eve and we thought about lighting one where we were in rural SA too...

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A friend rhetorically asked me why humans are still putting great resources into researching and developing weapons, space programs and a plethora of "useless gadgets"...

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Following the "uncovered meat is the problem not the cats" controversy, Ms Fits has highlighted equivalent comments made by a Baptist pastor in Victoria...

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Two men and a boy survived Cyclone Monica and over three weeks stranded at sea in a dinghy off the northern coast of Queensland...

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