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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Libin Pan tagged player

ToobPlayer is a lightweight (approx. 14-8 KB) FLV player component that comes in 5 flavors, provides a mechanism to play back YouTube videos, and can also display preview images.

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Mychoonz is a mp3 player implemented in AJAX. It allows you to listen and organize your music within your browser, anywhere, anytime, as long as you've got an internet connection.

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The JW FLV Media Player (built with Adobe's Flash) is an easy and flexible way to add video and audio to your website. It supports playback of any format the Adobe Flash Player can handle (FLV, but also MP3, H264, SWF, JPG, PNG and GIF).

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This free, embeddable version of our FLV Player (AS 3.0) Basic Skins component does not require Flash (we provide the .swf in the download package) and has several advanced features

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It's an audio player for MP3 file, intended for the diffusion on websites.

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