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A boilerplate for creating superb style guides

The homepage of a style guide should provide high-level information around what the design system is, what benefits it provides, who it’s for, and how to get started with it. Like any good index page, it should provide clear navigation to key parts of the website.

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This project extends Drupal's Metatag module to display vocabulary information as JSON LD in the head of web pages.

The Metatag module is used to define and store the values, and to handle token replacements for the values. Metatag module also provides a nice system of overrides, so you can define default values for all content types, override the node defaults for a particular content type, or even override everything else to provide specific values for an individual node.

This module defines metatag groups that map to types, and metatag tags for items, then steps in before the values are rendered as metatags, pulls the values out of the header created by Metatag, and instead renders them as JSON LD when the page is displayed.

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You can now submit projects to, just that the security team may not support them.

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UI Patterns can expose stand-alone theme components (patterns) to Drupal and enables them to be used with the core Views module and well-known contrib modules like Field Group, Display Suite and Panels.

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Here they are. Every box I've made in my 52 weeks, 52 boxes challenge. What's that you ask? In attempt to develop my own design aesthetic, I'm made 52 boxes over the course of one year. Want to know more about what it's all about? Read this. Want to know more about one of the boxes? Click the box's picture. Want to to buy one of them? Send me an email. Want to send me a gift basket of rum, beer, and Swedish fish? Please do.

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Holmes - The CSS Markup Detective, which describes itself as "a stand-alone diagnostic CSS stylesheet that can highlight potentially invalid, inaccessible or erroneous HTML(5) markup by adding one class." In addition to highlighting markup issues, Holmes makes clever use of CSS to display messages about the specific issues with the highlighted markup. You can find a full test suite of what Holmes can do here.

The Holmes module includes all the Holmes CSS and does all the work to integrate seamlessly with Drupal, providing accessibility validation at the click of a button. The Holmes module includes the following features:

Permission-based access to Holmes debugging
A simple button to toggle Holmes debugging on any page
Ability to display Holmes debugging information by default on any page using the query parameter holmes-debug=true

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The NovaDrone is a sound and light synth kit collaboration between Casper Electronics and musical collage artist, G. Lucas Crane AKA Nonhorse. It definitely gets our vote for one of the most beautiful PCBs we’ve ever seen. They did a great job of designing it so that the key details of the image are not obscured when the board is fully populated.

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List of DrupalCamps worldwide with fun statistics and historical data. Add your camp dates to the list.

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