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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Kris Van den Bergh tagged plugins

This is why I think that developers of desktop social media network clients need to seriously start considering the idea of extending their products by making them support plugins. For the longest times one of the best things coming to desktop applications is this plugin architecture idea as it allows for the easy addition of features, either by the client developer or 3rd party developers, that can extend or improve the program.

For the Twitter clients, and other possible social media networks, this plugin extensibility would let the client developers concentrate on building out a good solid base program that can let them deal with the vagaries of Twitter. Anything beyond that could be handled by plugins whether it be one that could do all kinds of wonderful things with hashtag type identifiers, like #stocktwits, right through to the little things like being able to post the song we are currently listening to.

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