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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Kris Van den Bergh tagged hosting

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Aegir evolved from managing simple single site installs, to now being able to manage sites on multiple servers, and also to run multiple versions of Drupal at the same time. This enables admins to be able to upgrade individual sites at different times while making maintaining different versions easier, and also to have the ability to revert versions quickly and easily.

It also provides the ability to do streamlined deployment through the user interface, and to automate configuration and some steps of deployment. The Aegir project is currently being supported by Dev Seed (not so coincidentally, Adrian's new place of work). He and Antoine Beaupré from Koubmit in Montreal are the main developers on the project.

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At the heart of Bryght's hosting is Drupal - a curiously named open source content management system built by brilliant developers around the world. This active community writes code then shares the modules with everyone, for free. In Drupal we trust!

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Good access to railways, no earthquakes, cheap power supply. Rackspace has built a datacenter in San Antonio because it wants to be physically close to its customers. Self-explanatory, but worth knowing.

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Handige tool om webhosters van éénder welk domeinnaam na te gaan.

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