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Joining a municipal trend that puts social media at the disposal of local government, Cortlandt town officials previewed their new Facebook page that will help residents stay informed about recreational events, emergency closures and townwide events. Documents and videos of town meetings will also be posted. Towm officials feel these available social media opportunities will connect their town with the millions of registered users of Facebook, will be free of charge and actually offer information quicker than previous forms of communication.

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As more and more students and teachers connect on Facebook, it is causing many to evaluate the positive aspects with the potential negative ones. For many, the ability to connect with educators beyond school hours should allow students more opportunities to conenct with the learning materials. Unfortunately, there are stories of abuse with student and teacher Facebook connections which create fear for student safety. This article highlights how several different schools approach this issue and how their policies have worked.

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Nearly two out of three American adults surveyed used social media in the last month. Although social media users are somewhat younger, more educated and more affluent than non-users on average, they closely align with the overall American public in their opinions about politics and the economy, as well as their perceptions of major institutions.

However, social media users report significantly higher levels of political and community activity, including volunteering for a community organization (69% of social media users versus 49% of non-users), signing campaign or community petitions (68% of users versus 50% of non-users), or attending a campaign rally (32% of users versus 22% of non-users). Social media users also are more likely to consult with others about buying a product or service (79% of users versus 60% of non-users) or change their minds about a product or service because of others' opinions (64% of users versus 47% of non-users

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With the rise of the Arab Spring, many credited social media sites like Twitter in connecting people for revolution. In many ways these new tools were successful in giving minute to minute updates, organizing protest and increasing emotions. Now that the task has changed to forming a new government, Egypt is struggling and social media is not as prevelant in helping with these typs of details.

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