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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Kami Huyse tagged SXSW2008

The more porous the membrane, the easier it is for conversations between ...internal and external, to happen. ...nothing, pokes holes in the membrane better than blogs

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I asked the team about the process they go through when a negative blog post or comment comes in.

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Kami Huyse's measurement category, with lots of information on measuring social media and PR programs.

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There is a myth circulating among PR professionals that measurement is hard and expensive. Here are some low cost tools to start measuring.

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As important as it can be for an organization to measure PR outputs and outcomes, it is even more important for an organization to measure relationships.

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Companies that can measure and monitor social media, not just blogs, not just podcasts, not just viral sites, but all social media. Jeremiah Owyang

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