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Links 1 through 2 of 2 by Joe Windish tagged religious

The Family Research Council (FRC) is calling for an apology after the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) decided to classify the Christian conservative organization as a "hate group" because of their anti-gay rhetoric.
FRC president Tony Perkins accused the SPLC of engaging in a "deliberately timed smear campaign."
This week the SPLC listed 18 "hate groups" -- the FRC among the most prominent of them -- which the law center says "have continued to pump out demonizing propaganda aimed at homosexuals and other sexual minorities."

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Parsing the far-right social conservatives defamation of Kevin Jennings, a decent human being who has dedicated his life to making public schooling easier for LGBT kids and teens, so that they can reverse his appointment as head the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.

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