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Username: joshleo

Name: Joshua Leo

Joined: some time ago

Profile Info

Links 171 through 178 of 178 by Joshua Leo tagged watchthis

If you are a Windows user, this is a priceless video.

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The parents of this baby still have no idea why she does is kinda funny, and kinda wierd!

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Coffee cake deserves a love song. Phil does a nice mandolin solo with himself...I wrote a song about a plate once...

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Who ever knew that Connect 4 could be so intense!

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Whis video shows how dangerous generalizations and assumpions can be. It also is a good example of people fighting for basic rights of freedom of religion

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Raymond really makes you analyze a small clip out of a movie. it is a very cool way to notice all the little details

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Holy Crazy Marimbas Batman! Crazy how all those people can play together like that!

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I posted my bloopers reel and then a few hours later it appeared on Rocketboom (of course I sent them the footage when I submitted my question, but I had no idea they were going to use it, kinda cool)

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