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Username: joseph.dunphy

Name: Joseph Dunphy

Joined: 26 Oct 2007

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Mildly amusing

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Photoessay with a few videos of some of a hate-filled "peace movement" protest. I have seen much the same in Chicago.

This is why I lost interest in the anti-war movement. It really wasn't about peace, anymore. The antisemitism is never that far below the surface, something that, as a Jew, I'd have to be crazy to ignore. Watch one of the demonstrators screaming "go back to Europe"; do we all remember what was being done to the Jews in Europe, that made so many eager to leave?

Political Correctness is about double standards; notice how so many "liberal" demonstrators, while screaming about imaginary "ethnic cleansing", see nothing odd about the endorsement of the real thing when somebody speaks of expelling Jews, apparently not just out of Tel Aviv, but out of Los Angeles as well! Please explain - to advocate limits to immigration from the Middle East into the West would be unforgivable racism, but calls for an absolute ban on the reverse are enlightened ... because ... ?

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Video of a demonstrator who claims to be Muslim and pro-Israel; I know nothing about him other than what I saw of him on the video. Some of those who responded weren't very happy.

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Discussion of points raised in blogs

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What I like, what I don't like, and the ever present but seldom directly asked question of why you would care.

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