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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Joe Taxpayer tagged sidehustle

Millennials should not count on working 9-to-5 and clocking out anymore.

While it is frustrating to admit, we live in a globalized economy, which means every millennial sees more competition and battles rising health care costs, college debt and wages that do not keep up with the times.

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Have a Spotify subscription? You qualify as a wedding DJ.. Think the world could use more of you? Get paid up to $1,000 a month to donate sperm..

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If you want to earn more money but don’t have much upward mobility in your career, finding part-time work can be smart and profitable. When you get a job to fill your evening or weekend hours, you can earn money in your spare time and add to your bottom line.

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Millennials and Gen X’ers are all about the hustle. Side hustle here, side hustle there. This hustle mentality forces this group to make the right contacts and use their network of people to get startup ideas off the ground. The pressure to follow the traditional path of going off to college, and working for a company is released by creativity and the desire to have control of their life.

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Discovering a way to monetize your passions or hobbies, whether it be photography, writing, knitting, consulting, you name it, is a fulfilling way to earn some extra cash. Sometimes though, it becomes lucrative enough to pursue full time.

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The drive to convince Australians of the benefits of the NBN has taken on a new hue, with people earning money on the side through web-enabled businesses acting as ambassadors for the brand.

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