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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Joanna Geary tagged linking,

"In that link economy — in the Googleverse — you stand out above the level playing field by creating something uniquely useful, informative, compelling, or valuable. As other news organizations cut back, they will more and more point to good work done elsewhere. So another way to ask this question is, “have I contributed something to the press-sphere (and will I get attention as a result)?” For elsewhere in the sphere, others are doing what they do best and linking to the rest."

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"the most important difference between the top site and all the other sites, is that this top site — Drudge — has nothing but LINKS."

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"As an internet reader, I’m increasingly suspicious of journalists who don’t link. Yes, if they quote an official that gives me a sense of the source. But why not link to original source material? It also allows me to dig more deeply into the story if I want without having to turn to Google.

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This is the Internet’s version of “If a tree falls.” According to my log traffic, the Boston Globe is less impacting of my blog than Twitter.

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"...what if link journalism could transform the newspaper archive from a dusty locked vault to a vibrant, dynamic part of up-to-the-minute news reporting?"

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