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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Justin Mason tagged viral

'Notch’s luck was that he came across the idea of doing a first-person fortress building game. His alignment was that the game that he wanted to make was culturally connected to [he PC gamer] tribe. While the game may appear ugly, and its purchase process etc seem naive to many a gaming professional, all of those decisions that Notch made along the road to releasing his game were from the point of view of a particular perspective of what games are, what matters and what were the things that he could trust the tribe to figure out for themselves.'

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good set of slides from Dropbox. traditional marketing and AdWords failed utterly; word-of-mouth (and a great product) was how they've succeeded

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a fake children's book to advertise MS Home Server; treading a fine line between scary and amusing

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turns out it's a side-effect of a Windows XP misfeature -- once your XP laptop connects to an ad-hoc network with a certain SSID, it in turn will broadcast that SSID in future as *its own* ad-hoc net. hence: viral!

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spontaneously converts the off-patent anhydrous form of the drug into the patented hemihydrate form, which then successively converts more and more of the anhydrous form, Ice-9-style. Never mind "viral" licenses, this takes the biscuit! (via substitute)

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back in Oct 2004. Missed it at the time, but worth remembering ;)

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those "unearthed giant skeleton" blogs were a Chiat-Day viral campaign, uncovered via their use of MS Word

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