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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Justin Mason tagged revenue

wow. the WinAmp guys were right -- 'on a European level, Spotify is the second single largest source of revenue for record labels. This means that 2010 saw dramatic increase in its usage as well as payouts to record labels and artists themselves.' this via an IFPI report

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pay EUR3 per month to receive Twitter @replies to your SMS mobile in Ireland -- a good niche

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under audit by the IRS; it receives 88% of its revenues from one source, Google. 'While the Foundation did not automatically qualify as a public charity with public support at 33% of total support, it believes that it qualifies as a public charity under the facts and circumstances test with public support over 10%.'

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that's the Irish Revenue Online Service, supposedly Windows-only. apparently it works under Linux! (via Brendan)

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