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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Justin Mason tagged mifare

'When demonstrating FareBot, many people are surprised to learn that much of the data on their ORCA card is not encrypted or protected. This fact is published by ORCA, but is not commonly known and may be of concern to some people who would rather not broadcast where they’ve been to anyone who can brush against the outside of their wallet. Transit agencies across the board should do a better job explaining to riders how the cards work and what the privacy implications are.' (via Boing Boing)

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a fantastic prez by 3 MIT students working under Ron Rivest, successfully hacking the Boston subway system's stored-value magstripe cards and MIFARE Classic RFID cards; really fantastic walkthrough of the process. I'm glad to see that my smartcard work on other systems a few years back would have defeated many of these attacks ;)

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notable mainly because Schneier calls MIFARE Classic's crypto 'terrible' and 'kindergarten cryptography'. 'Anyone with any security experience would be embarrassed to put his name to the design.' ZING

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by the Dutch team behind the crack of the Dutch travel card, based on the same MIFARE system as London's Oyster cards. paper coming in October

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another Mifare crack. 'The attack uses bias in a random number generator to predict keys'

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the new transit card system in Holland, OV-chipkaart, has been dramatically and thoroughly cracked by two separate teams (1 on the no-crypto Mifare Ultralight card, 1 on the with-crypto Mifare Classic). Ed F wraps up the details very nicely

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