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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Justin Mason tagged india

So much win in one article. (a) the Bengali equivalent of "craic" is, roughly, "phatiphati"; (b) "In Irish pubs, amid the tiddly-doo music, this is a craic"; (c) wtf Gadaffi references; (d) shared post-colonialist glee

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my mate Sush is looking to fund 'a documentary set in India during the World Cup of Cricket in 2011 about Indian cricket fans and their personal stories.' Looks great -- might blog about this a bit more...

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Reportedly, no less than 85% of the software patent applications in India were filed by multinational companies

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Indian Linux users groups are self-destructing, it seems

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no "ship back to base" tech support for Indian mobile phone repair shops -- seriously hardcore hardware hacking instead

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'A fanatical Muslim despot was resisting the west, there were calls for regime change' - but this was 1798, and the target was Tipu Sultan

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