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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Justin Mason tagged ice

DHS/ICE domain seizures suffer a serious false positive problem, resulting in the seizure and shutting down of 84,000 subdomains of a free DNS provider, replacing them with a banner accusing the site of trafficking in child porn. whoops!

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At least one of the sites seized by DHS was an mp3 blog which posted authorised, promotional mp3s, sent from record label VPs and artists -- ie. none of the supposedly "infringing" files, actually were infringing. (via Tony Finch)

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a paean to Schwalbe Marathon Winter tires.  sniff, if had their act together I'd have mine by now :(

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chains -- for your shoes. basically crampon overshoes, to deal with ice and snow, EUR45

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spontaneously converts the off-patent anhydrous form of the drug into the patented hemihydrate form, which then successively converts more and more of the anhydrous form, Ice-9-style. Never mind "viral" licenses, this takes the biscuit! (via substitute)

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