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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Justin Mason tagged honeypots

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MC put out a press release about our shared spamtrap setup; we're hosting our spamtrap front-end on Amazon EC2 and S3 nowadays! (must write up a blog post about that)

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'the largest anti-spam lawsuit ever' .. 'Seeking more than $1B in statutory damages, .. on behalf of our members. If you've harvested email addresses or sent spam in the last two years, chances are .. we're coming after you.' w00t

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Use old user accounts; reject with "550 user unknown" for 6 months; recycle into a spamtrap. This is the technique myself and Matt Sergeant have used for several years; I don't think I've ever noted it on a web-accessible URL though, so here it is

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Lance Spitzner on honeytokens -- data whose use is an indicator of black-hat activity, such as spamtraps

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good background on phisher techniques

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Organizing massively large-scale spam trap networks. If you can provide an MX entry, or run a script on your site, sign up to help; the more, the merrier!

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