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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Justin Mason tagged code-review

This is the future of code review. Commit directly from your git checkout to the Gerrit code-review system; change is immediately web-visible and enters the review workflow; at the same time, Jenkins checks out the proposed change and runs the test suite; once it's approved, it automatically gets checked in. Brilliant!

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very nifty-looking code-review tool. supports R-T-C and C-T-R, lots of subscription/notification options, real-time web-based inline chat, open data store, and custom script triggers (via Henning on ASF members list)

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web-based code review tool for Git-based projects. very nice

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'strengthening these [Sequoia e-voting] systems will involve more than repairing a few programming errors. They need to be re-engineered from the ground up.'

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an awesome-looking open source code-review web app from VMWare; I may have to set this up for SpamAssassin/the ASF

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this is interesting -- another web-mediated large-scale code-review app, to go alongside Guido van Rossum's Google one

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