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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Justin Mason tagged adrian-weckler

Adrian Weckler with a plea for the incoming govt regarding the attempt to rush through '3 Strikes' by the outgoing one: 'Such a law will have absolutely no effect on the practice of illegal filesharing. None. Zero. It hasn't worked in France. It hasn't worked in Britain. And it certainly won't work in Ireland. On the other hand, it may well send a signal to huge, jobs-creating digital IT companies that Ireland is a place that tries to legislate away personal digital freedoms.'

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heh. quite a nice technical response; 'such sweet revenge would take the form of blocking access to the websites of EMI, Sony, Universal, Warner and IRMA, among others. Their approach: you piss on our turf, we'll piss on yours.'

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really great advice for tech-section interviewees from Adrian Weckler

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Article by Adrian Weckler -- Komplett's returns policy sounds pretty good in particular. and ~50% of complaints at the European Consumer Centre are relating to delivery problems -- that's shocking :(

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