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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Jay Cross tagged clojay+change

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Unexpurgated raw first draft. "The Author's Cut." Find out what didn't get into the book. Typos, far-out ideas, and topsy-turvy presentation. This is unedited. From the heart.

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Unprecedented chnages in the role of the worker, the nature of business, the pace of innovation, the importance of intangibles, the explosion of information, and the shift from a manufacturing to a service economy have rendered traditional corporate learning obsolete. Jay Cross exposes the inadequacies of traditional learning and discusses a new paradigm for learning in the 21st Century.

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"Your elevator pitch is what you say when your CEO steps onto your elevator and asks what you're doing. You'll probably include the three basic elements of marketing design: your brand, your position, and your target segments."

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Is your organization ready for massive change Have your people learned how to cope with increasingly fast cycle times, escalating ambiguity and avalanches of incoming information Do you have a Plan B if your current structure proves too brittle

Futurists warn that we are rounding the knee of an exponential curve of communications, business and technology. It's hard to imagine change of this magnitude. It reminds me of an experience I had on a recent trip to Abu Dhabi.

Camel stew is delicious, so I tore another chunk from the platter in front of me. The fellow across the table was eating Omani lobster. He was the first non-native to be awarded citizenship in the United Arab Emirates.

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