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Username: ihearttheroad

Name: ihearttheroad

Joined: 29 Dec 2011

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"...through negligence and poor planning, two of the most technologically advanced civilizations on the planet -- the USSR and Japan -- effectively dirty-bombed huge swaths of their own territory."

That resonates.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I saw Chernobyl Diaries yesterday. My only saving grace is to say that I saw it in the name of research. As a PhD student in actinide chemistry, how could I not see a popular film featuring the most devastating nuclear catastrophe ever?

But enough about my misgivings.

In the piece below, Mims convincingly writes that "the real reason not to invest in nuclear power isn't the risk of a meltdown but the certainty that the costs are too high."

He explores this concept through the lens of economic hardships faced by areas known for nuclear catastrophe--Chernobyl 26 years ago and Fukushima just 1 year ago.

Are we prepared, as one of the most technologically advanced civilizations on the planet, to handle the future of nuclear catastrophe?

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Share It With Others!

"The purity of human expression and experience is not confined to guitars, to tubes, to turntables, to microchips," said Springsteen. "There is no right way, no pure way, of doing. There is just doing."

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Share It With Others!

Ooohh..I am so looking forward to picking this one up. I saw the CCDs a couple times last year, and I've been lusting after unreleased tracks like "I Truly Understand That You Love Another Man" and "No Man's Mama" ever since...

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I'm not usually a soundtrack sort of girl, but this is one that I'm going to have to pick up. How fantastic will I be driving around Mishawaka this spring to the likes of Driver? Super fantastic.

PS. I <3 Baby Goose.

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Ooohhhh...up next: charge distribution measurements for cation-cation interactions!?

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"This is fan-effin-tastic." is what I said on Twitter about this article last night as I was traveling back to South Bend from Chicago.

"Hip-hop is an art form invented by a politically and economically ravaged underclass (which, by the way, remains pretty goddamned ravaged) that's risen to become the most globally significant cultural movement of the post-Cold War era. It is the living definition of what music, on its very best of days, is able to do, and if that's not deserving of prestige, we might loudly ask: What the hell is?" is what Jack Hamilton said in this article. It's just one of the many things that he says very right about an artist that deserves a little less hate and a little more recognition.

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The discussion of increasing diversity in science has been going on for a very long time. I once naively thought that there weren't still barriers keeping women and people of color from succeeding...because I was succeeding. What I really thought, I think, is that there shouldn't be.

As I've worked my way through a PhD in science, I've learned to step out of my own way, to stop seeing unnecessary hurdles as just my problem to overcome. I've learned through personal experiences with the McNair program and a recent diversity reception at the University of Notre Dame that there are barriers to break down still.

We're a diverse community moving forward, and I'm proud, as a first-generation student, to have recognized that I am part of it.

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